LevelUP: Build Teams That Give a SH#T!

We will cover the 6 Steps to Culture Turnaround:

Policies and Procedures- I will give examples of how not consistently following your P&Ps will sabotage your business. Your employees will not trust or believe what you say.

Training- It's imperative to give your employees the best start possible. If you are going to fire or promote based on knowledge of the company, you owe it to your employees to have a systemized training program that's proven. I'll ask the attendees to look at what issues they have when employees get out of training, and how they can rework the training program to prevent these issues.

Weed Out for Cultural Fit- Sometimes you just hire the wrong person. We'll discuss the havoc this can play on your culture if you choose to ignore the person who is a poor cultural fit. I'll suggest ways in which you can test for cultural fit in training. If you have hired the wrong person, it's so much better to call it early on, than wait for that person to spread toxicity within your company.

Pay for Performance- I'll give examples of how the reward based on longevity vs. reward based on performance works differently. I'll also give examples of simple pay for performance systems that can easily be implemented to get the desired results.

Transparency- Everyone wants to know how they're doing. It's a basic human need, yet we as employers tend to only really give feedback at formal evaluations. I'll show people easy ways to make sure their employees know exactly where they stand. This allows the employee to choose their path towards disciplinary actions or towards rewards and benefits. When they know the score, the employees are now in charge of their own destiny.

Rewards and Recognition- Your employees also want to know that their work matters. They need to know that they are more than just a revenue producing unit. I will show them easy ways to give simple, low or no cost recognition to their employees. Recognition is one of the single most important requirements in job satisfaction, especially In the service industry. Our staff come to us with low self-esteem, generally speaking. If we, as employers, can be remembered for how we made them feel (in a good way, of course), that will go so much further in creating employee engagement than any kind of bonus program ever can produce.

Martha's Workshop Presentations

These Workshops are interactive and provide you with the knowledge and tools that will help you and your team achieve the business goals you have been striving for.

Training Principles: Produce Employees You Actually Want to Keep - Do you ever go through the time and expense of training employees, only to have them start working and it just isn't going well? I teach a proven way to get more consistent, desirable results to avoid the pain of training and then later having to fire someone due to attitude or performance issues.

The Hierarchy of Quality Management- What do you do when you need to quality check several jobs at once, but you just can't be everywhere to check over your staff's work? Use a systematic approach to assign priority to which jobs require inspection or calls over other jobs. Don't just throw a dart on the wall to choose where to spend your time. Develop a process that "tells you" where to spend your time.

Pay for Performance: Get What You Need, They Get What They Want - Are you tired of constantly nagging at your employees and you want them to just do their job? There's a way to shift the responsibility from management overseeing their performance, to the employee being accountable for their own work.

Virtual Speaking

With the recent isolation rules, there's been lots of zoom keynotes and workshops! If you have a virtual conference in the making get in touch with how I can help you make this event engaging and highly valuable to your clients.

Martha Woodward is the absentee owner of a service business in Oklahoma. Because she lives 90 miles away from her service business, she has had to learn early on how to manage quality and lead employees with a hands-off management style.She will tell you that it certainly hasn’t always been “hands off” management style.

Martha will talk about her days in the "pit of despair" stage of her business, and how she climbed out of the abyss to a place where she can now lead and manage a business with a 98% client satisfaction rate without a single management staff member onsite. She wants you to know that you are also capable of creating this cultural change.

Martha is the Co-Founder of Quality Driven software. She now speaks quite regularly on the subject of "culture turnaround" and "empowering your workforce", in addition to her online courses on those subjects. She has helped many people move from feeling like a hostage in their own company, to a self-directed, self-motivated culture. She has a passion for helping others find freedom in their business.

Are your attendees tired of their employees feeling entitled?

Do your attendees wish their employees cared about their attendance and quality as much as they do?

In this keynote, I’ll go through the 6 Steps to turn their culture around. It is a matter of having employee systems in place. Go from a culture of the employees calling the shots, to a culture where you feel in control. But most importantly, it is a culture that the owner AND the employees love.

This transparency shifts the responsibility from management to the employee. Your rockstar employees will flourish in this environment and your sub-par employees will weed themselves out.

If you want a system that is a win-win for all, this is a session you will not want to miss.